Minden Louisiana Things To Do

If you have ever wondered why there are so many museums in the United States and so few in Louisiana, it is not even part of American culture. If you look at Minden, Louisiana, there is no doubt that this city has much more to offer than most other cities, but if you drive down the main street of the city, you would not suspect it. In this small town of just over 1000 inhabitants, there are indeed a number of historical museums that are well designed and well maintained.

The Dorcheat Historical Association Museum is a collection of memorabilia that depicts the history of Minden, Louisiana, and its 18th century city history. Each bottle contains the name of the owner, the date of purchase, as well as his name, address and telephone number.

This modern recreational facility is open to people of all ages and is one of the best in Louisiana. Academy Park is a great place where you can spend a relaxing afternoon while at the same time having the opportunity to be surrounded by a lush green landscape rich in history. Around Minden there is really beautiful nature, also on the campground at the Upper Caney Lake.

Have fun with friends at the Dixie Inn and Casino, visit the Dorcheat Historical Museum or just visit for a great holiday. Go fishing at Lake Bistineau and sit at one of the state's most popular water spots, Geaux Lake. Spend a weekend at this lake and make it a family experience - a lake where you can fish, kayak, canoe, hike, picnic and much more.

El Jimador Mexican Grill serves not only the best, freshest seafood and steaks in Minden, but also the best and freshest seafood and steaks. In 2014, the Herald voted the restaurant the best seafood restaurant in the state and has held the award for many years. They have become very popular and have also been recognized by the Shreveport Times as one of Louisiana's top five seafood restaurants for the past three years in a row. In 2014, they were named "Best Seafood Restaurant in Louisiana" and "Best Seafood in the State" by the press and the Herald.

Minden is known for knowing how to party, and it has some of the best restaurants, bars and bars in the country, as well as some great restaurants in Shreveport. Minden has a large number of great bars, restaurants and discos with excellent food and entertainment.

Minden's lesser-known crown jewel is the old cypress forest with its centuries-old lakes and bays surrounded by wild watercourses.

Besides Catholics, Methodists were the first to organize in Minden, and the Germantown Colony Museum is one of the oldest museums of its kind in the country. The Geaux Fresh building currently occupies a former life as home to the Church of St. John the Baptist and its sister church. Today, it houses the campus, which was abandoned in 2013 when the college moved to its current location on the other side of the city.

Here you can visit the Germantown Colony Museum and learn all about the history, but the best thing about visiting Minden is that you can not only visit the museum, but also visit a clean, modern - the - art facility where you can have good experiences in martial arts. When visiting Mindon, you might want to decorate the grounds of St. John the Baptist Church, the oldest church in the city. The group also organizes several community paddle events, including a recent Bayou Dorcheat Night.

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More About Minden

More About Minden